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Today as we all join together for the National Day of Prayer, I have given you eight categories for prayer with a few starting prayer requests for each. You can add your own as well in comments if you wish. May God be glorified as we join together in prayer.

  1. Prayer for God’s glory and God’s people
    • That God would be glorified in the United States through His people
    • That His people would submit to the authority of the Bible
    • That His people would prioritize walking with Christ through the Spirit
    • That His people would share, love, benefit and care for the community
    • That His people would be light in darkness
    • That His people would represent Christ well
    • That His people would highlight the Gospel, the cross, and Christ
  2. Prayer for Churches:
    • For the pastors and leadership
    • To speak and live the truth in love
    • To clearly understand and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  3. Prayer for Government:
    • To honor the Constitution at the federal, state and local levels
    • That politicians would choose people over politics, truth over error, right over wrong
    • That government employees would work as servants of the people
    • For the Supreme Court justices and other justices to honor the Constitution
    • On every level, that government would be used by God to help and not hurt people.
  4. Prayer for Military:
    • For safety of our fine men and women who serve
    • For their families that sacrifice with them
    • For the chaplains that serve the men and women spiritually
    • For wisdom as decisions affect so many people in and out of the service
  5. Pray for Emergency Services
    • For safety of our fine men and women who serve
    • For their families that sacrifice with them
    • For wisdom as they serve
    • For their marriages that are often stressed by the stress
  6. Prayer for Businesses
    • For their prosperity and success
    • For their generosity back to the communities they serve
    • For their honesty in all business practices
    • For their treatment of employees in beneficial ways
  7. Prayer for Education and Families
    • For educators at every level of education from homeschooling moms to college professors
    • That teachers would be committed to the welfare of the children they serve
    • That they would love truth over error, facts over theories, history over revisionism
    • For the safety of students everywhere
    • That the administration would serve the parents and the students first
    • That the schools would serve those less fortunate with eagerness
    • That the families would support the education of our children
  8. Prayer for Media
    • That the media would be interested in truth over error, justice over spin
    • That the media would expose wickedness to benefit the American people
    • That the media would be patriots and community-oriented

Join the Conversation: What is your prayer request today?