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Simple answer: Mom!

Praise God for all the moms who make snow days what they are!

Children love snow days. A day off! Nothing to do! Just fun ahead! Even possibly the joy of sleeping in! What more could you ask for? Life is perfect as a child.

Just think about it. Clothes are clean. Gloves are dry. Coats are warm. Boots are ready. All you have to do as a child is go outside and have fun. When you are finished, all you have to do is go inside where there is a warm greeting, warm change of clothes, and warm hot chocolate. Then when all warm again, why not go out again and start all over?

What a deal!

How is all this possible?

She cleans the clothes.
She collects and dries the gloves.
She keeps the coats clean and warm.
She tracks the location of the boots and has them ready.
She meets them with a warm greeting.
She cheers for their creations.
She listens to their stories.
She prepares a warm change of clothes.
She makes the warm hot chocolate.
She cooks the wonderful soup.
She creates the yummy stew.
She rocks!

What about all the complications?

My oh my… there are certainly complications. How about these?
Energy, energy, energy!
NOISE! So much noise.
Buttons. Zippers. Strings. Double layers. Thick socks. Accessories.
Hats, toboggans, gloves, scarfs, mittens.
Piles of dirty laundry.
Seemingly miles of dirty floors.
Extra snacks and meals.
Extra dishes
Change of schedule.
Patience, patience, patience.

The Unsung Hero: Mom!

Thank you Mom for all the extra work, the extra smiles, the extra energy, the extra time, the extra love, the extra…
Thank you Mom for the selflessness.
Thank you Mom for the joy.
Thank you Mom for the memories.

Mom, you are the unsung hero of snow days!

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