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It’s been a fun week of “Love” on social media. I’ve included a few good links for you to consider plus some stuff for folks that go to church related to your pastor’s salary, how much to pay a guest speaker, and slide lyrics.

23 Things That Love Is – From Paul Tripp. You’ll enjoy these 23 statements that help you know what love is. He’s posted these before and they are always encouraging and challenging to read through.
Naked Love – This is a sweet article about a mother’s reflections on Jesus and love as she helps her daughter with a bloody nose. Very sweet and thoughtful reflections.
The Greatest of These – John MacArthur examines the qualities of true love found in the Bible’s best-known passage on the subject—1 Corinthians 13. Discover the key to experiencing more fulfilling, God-honoring relationships with your spouse, children, family, friends, and coworkers. There are several sermons here that will help you.

What Should A Guest Preacher Be Paid? – Great article on what you should consider when you determine how much to pay a guest preacher / speaker in your church. If you’ve never thought through these ideas or it has been a while, then take a few minutes to contemplate your practice as a church.

What Should Your Pastor and Staff Be Paid? – Also by Thom Rainer, this article discusses pastoral compensation – Ten Fascinating Facts about Pastor and Church Staff Compensation. 
Six Quick Changes to Improve Your Lyric Slides –  Because so many eyes are focused on the lyric slides throughout a typical service, it’s important to make sure that your lyric slides are organized and done correctly. Here are six quick changes that will keep your slides looking good.