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I’m happy to share some of this week’s social media highlights. I think you’ll enjoy these articles. Enjoy your day in God’s Grace (Rom 5:2)!

I Feel I Think I Believe – How easy it is to live according to our feelings! Here Tim Challies helps us understand that there is a hierarchy when it comes to the ways we express ourselves and our convictions. There are some things we believe, some things we think, and some things we feel

“There are two days in my calendar: This day and that Day.”
-Martin Luther

Scripture is about PTSD – My good friend Ed Welch reminds us how the Bible deals with real struggles. He writes, “The diagnostic category of PTSD is not the final word that dictates a prescribed plan of help; it is an invitation to understand the actual experience of the person. In the hands of a relatively skilled helper, those personal descriptions can be linked to clear themes in Scripture. Then, hope comes to life as God speaks meaningfully.”

How to Pray When Someone You Love Is Stuck in Sin – Here the author provides some very practical prayer requests to consider when you have someone you love who continues to live a life in sin. This is helpful if you hurt with someone.

Rom 12 10