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I am not real sure what milestones are in the blogging world. I never really had a plan to start blogging initially when I did; however with the tragic death of a young girl in our town, I wanted to speak into the shock that gripped our entire community. From those days until now, I have continued to write, and so many of you have continued to graciously read and respond in kindness. Today, the blog passed 100,000 reads. Again, to me, that seems like a milestone.

In a life full of ministry opportunities, this one has been both a surprise and a respite from the normal, daily grind. It has been a joy talking through the blog to people all over our community and world. What fascinates me is that this conversation is with people that I would normally never have an opportunity with whom to converse – some of whom (maybe many at times) even disagree with me. As you reply, it has even been greater fun reading your responses and answering your questions. Many of you have helped make me a better thinker, communicator, and person. I’m not sure what it takes to be a blogger or what a successful blog even is, but this has been fun over the past 100,000 reads. I look forward as we continue to walk through the journey of life together seeking and sharing wisdom in Christ.

As always, if you have a particular suggestion or question, please drop it to me in the Ask Pastor Kevin link. In the meantime, looking forward to visiting with you in the next post. Thank you friends for the privilege of serving.

Do you have a favorite blog you’ve read?