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This is a special week for Christians all over the world. As we prepare for Easter, we remember the final days of Jesus’ earthly life before He died on the cross a sacrificial death for each one of us. We celebrate His resurrection every day; however Easter is the day we annually set aside to specifically focus as Christians all over the world the wonderful resurrection three days after Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross.

We have made it our practice to focus on just one section of the Bible story each year. The Bible author’s share something specific for us. They tell a story – consistent with the rest of the Bible – but specific to their goals in particular books. This year the Passion Week Readings come from the Gospel of John.

Three things to ponder as you read along with us this Passion Week:

  1. Read the story as if it were written specifically to you – because it was. The Gospel of John was written to help people believe in the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. John writes, “Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name” (20:30-31). John writes this so that you will believe, ultimately to provide for you eternal life. That makes this both a very intimate and personal story of Jesus Who died for you to provide you eternal life.
  2. These chapters contain the final week of Jesus’ life. Take time to walk with him. Take time to consider what He is sharing with His disciples. Take a few moments to reflect on Jesus’ final week with His disciples as He specifically prepared for the cross. He walked through this week in humility, in sobriety, with love, and on purpose. Listen to His words. Hear the emotion and love behind them. Enjoy following Jesus as He demonstrates love and compassion for His disciples. If you can, read the entire chapters from John 12-20. Seek to read these chapters from Jesus’ perspective and the disciples’ perspective.
  3. Worship. Take time this week just to ponder, reflect, consider, and adore Jesus Christ. Take a long look at the cross. Consider your own sin as you do. Think about the fact that Jesus went through this week for you to take on your sin and the sin of the world. God put your sin on Jesus so He could forgive you through Jesus’ death. He provides you eternal life through Jesus Christ. It is only possible because of Jesus death, burial, and resurrection.

Passion Week Readings from the Gospel of John:
Sunday: The Triumphal Entry of Jesus (John 12:12-19)
Monday: Jesus demonstrates His humility and love (John 13:1-14:7)
Tuesday: Jesus is the Vine (John 15:1-14)
Wednesday: Jesus prays for His disciples and us (John 17)
Thursday: Jesus is betrayed and denied (John 18)
Friday: Jesus is the crucified Savior (John 19:1-37)
Saturday: Sunday’s coming! (John 19:38-42)
Sunday: Jesus lives!! (John 20)