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Trust you enjoy your time off today for Memorial Day.

I want to give you a one-minute challenge.

Answer these three questions:

  1. Have you taken time to think of someone in your life who gave his or her life in valor serving this country? If you do not know someone personally, take a moment to be grateful for the over 660,000 who have died in combat and the other 670,000 who have died while in service. We have so much for which to be grateful.
  2. Who in your life has already died but made an incredible impact on your life? Was it a spouse? a parent? a grandparent? a child? Who is that for you? If you can’t get by the cemetery to show respect today, at least take a moment to reflect on the life and impact of that other person.
  3. Are you ready for eternity? This is the question that must be considered on Memorial Day. We honor those who have died in military service and often participate in decorating tombstones, all of whom have taken their place beyond death’s doors. You, me, those of us still alive, we can still do something about it. This is as important question as any to consider today. Learn more about preparing for eternity here.

There’s your challenge. As you consider these questions, feel free to drop in a comment or pass the challenge along to someone else. My prayer for you is to have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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