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The following nine truths come from David Powlison in his new book, How Does Sanctification Work? He uses these as a list of statements which at times have individually been suggested as, “This one thing is the secret key that will unlock your Christian life!” He correctly points out that not just one of them will unlock your Christian life; however, as you meditate on all nine truths, you will find much help and hope throughout your day today. These are great truths that the Spirit of God can use to provide you spiritual encouragement, emotional benefit, and creativity for serving.

  1. Remember that God is sovereign and is working all things for good in those who love him; The meaning of your troubles changes as you realize that he has called you into his saving purposes in Christ.

  2. Rehearse and remind yourself of your identity in Christ. Union with Jesus Christ is the anchor of your salvation. All other identities are secondary.

  3. Make sure you are in honest accountability relationships. None of us is meant to bear our burdens alone. God so works things that we can truly help one another as servants of Christ.

  4. Avail yourself of the means of grace. Sit under good preaching, participate in corporate worship and sacraments, and maintain daily Scripture reading and prayer. To flourish, you need truth that is in Jesus to fill your heart.

  5. Wage spiritual warfare against the predator of your soul. Clothe yourself in Christ. Put on God’s weaponry of faith and love. Resist the enemy’s lies, accusations, temptations, and aggressions.

  6. Get busy serving others with the gifts the Lord has given you. Get out of yourself. Do something constructive with your life today.

  7. Remember that you are accepted by God as his child and that he fully forgives your sins through the shed blood of Jesus. Past grace affirms that God is forever for you.

  8. Ask the Lord to give his Holy Spirit that you might walk in his ways. Present grace daily strengthens you in the reality that God is with you.

  9. Set your hope fully on the grace to be revealed at the revelation of Jesus Christ. Future grace carries you forward through affliction because God will come for you.

Every one of these tells us something true and good. Each highlights a facet of the many-splendored gospel of Jesus. We need every one of these things–and many other things as well. These nine assertions become problematic only when we lapse into saying, “Just remember this one thing … Just rehearse … Just make sure … Just ask … If you will just do … ”

Our nine items capture some of the promises, revelations, purposes, commands, perspectives, providences, and helps that our God reveals in revealing himself to us. None of these stands supreme, relegating the others to the shadows. None of these is magic. And you could never remember all of these at anyone time. Not one of them means the end of the struggle-not even all of them put together. They speak in different ways to how we struggle. And the Lord makes different truths meaningful at different times to different people.

Today, God can use these nine truths together to benefit you in many ways. For the best result, you will need to add your own story to each one of them. How has the truths above mapped themselves out in the specifics of your life?

Once you think through your own story, share it with someone.

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What are some of your favorite passages that fit each of these ten truths? Take time today to look some of them up and consider them.

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