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Blog-A-New-Years-Prayer-01.01.18Dear God, our Heavenly Father,

Thank You for 2018 and the opportunities that this new year brings.

Thank You for the gift of time. Today. The hope of tomorrow. The turn of another calendar year.

We are grateful that yesterday, the year 2017, and the past do not determine who we are, determine what we do today with our opportunities, nor determine how we respond to our circumstances.

We are grateful for Your grace that is new every morning, Your Spirit Who empowers us to do what brings You honor, and the presence of Christ Who is with us as we embark on the journey of another year.

We are grateful for the forgiveness of sins. Thank You for Jesus Christ Who died on the cross to redeem us and pay for our sin. Thank You that although the wages of sin is death, the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ. Thank You that there is no condemnation in Christ; instead, we are free from the guilt of our sins. How incredible to recognize that Jesus even took the shame of our sins too, so that we enjoy the beginning of this new year without shame for those things we have done in the past.

We are grateful that because of salvation in Jesus Christ, we are clothed in righteousness. Thank You that You see us hidden in Christ. We do not come to You even now on our own merit but by the blood of Jesus Christ, as Your children, we approach Your throne. Thank You for welcoming us. Thank You for listening. Thank You for enjoying us as we bring this new year prayer to You.

We are grateful that we have peace with You and peace with others in Christ because of the sacrificial death of Jesus. Thank You for the body of Christ. Thank You that You provide us with brothers and sisters-in-Christ who live with us in community. Thank You that You do not expect us to face the opportunities and pressures of today alone; instead, You have given us others to walk with throughout this journey of life. We especially thank You for our dear friends who love You and help us love You more faithfully.

We are grateful that You are in control of the world around us. Thank You for not leaving us responsible for those things for which we are concerned but are outside of our control. Thank You that You alone are sovereign. We are grateful for Your providential care as we live daily. Thank You that accidents, happenstances, and mistakes all perfectly fit Your plan for us. Thank You that You work all things out for good for those who love You. Thank You that we do not have to worry about today, tomorrow, or the future because Your plan includes all the details of those things before they even happen. Thank You for being so in control that You sent Jesus, just as predicted throughout the Old Testament, in the fullness of time. Thank You that You plan and handle today and this new year with no less care and specificity than You handled and planned the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Your Son.

Because of all these things and so many more, we ask that You would grant us the wisdom to face the opportunities, challenges, and pressures of this new year. We ask that You would make us aware of the power of the Spirit, the presence of Jesus Christ, and the hope we have in Christ. We ask that You would help us take full advantage of our position in and union with Jesus Christ.

As we look at the impossible, thank You for being the God of the possible. We pray that You would provide us courage where we need it. As we face the uncertainties ahead, may we trust in You. In every place where we are called to do the hard thing, thank You for the grace to do it. Where we do not think it is even possible to do what is right, thank You for making it possible. When we do not personally desire to do what is right, thank You for giving us the power to persevere, to act in spite of our emotions, and to obey Your will and not be a slave to our own.

Father, You know the burdens of our heart. You know the sins that entrap us. You know the things about which we are tempted to worry. You know our greatest concerns. We now stop to recognize that in each of these areas, You give us the ability to persevere, to hold on, to do what is right, and to take the next step toward righteousness. Please grant us the awareness of You as we face these moments, contemplate these burdens, and struggle with temptation.

God we ask for the courage even today to repent of the sins that hinder our fellowship with You. We ask for forgiveness of those sins. We pray for wisdom in light of them. Help us to know what is necessary to put off, what we should put on to replace those sins, and the places where we should simply trust You. Please grow us in the grace and knowledge of our Savior Jesus.

We take time now to dedicate this new year in our lives to You. We determine now to humbly walk with You throughout the minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months to follow in this year. We ask that You would graciously bless our resolve to make the most of Jesus in every opportunity that lies ahead in the moments of this new year.

Thank You once again for the hope this new year gives.

It is because of Jesus and in His name we pray, Amen.

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As you pray this prayer, two things to keep in mind:

First, Make it personal.
Name your specific pressures, opportunities, temptations, and hardships.
Be specific for the people for whom you are grateful.
Change the plural pronouns to personal pronouns.
Add additional blessings for which you are thankful.

Second, Pray it often for you and others.
You do not have to pray this prayer just for the new year.
Tweak it. Change it. Pray it every day.
Pray it not just for yourself but also for your friends.
Call out their burdens, opportunities, temptations, and hardships.

My prayer is that God would richly bless you this new year.

Have a Blessed New Year!

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