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Great stuff in The Link this week. In included several articles from the New Years. I always love to share some interesting reading from around the web for my friends. Some of these will encourage you, entertain you, and educate you a bit. Good weekend reading. Trust you enjoy your day in Christ today (Philippians 1:2).

A Prayer for Your New Year – This is a prayer you can pray this week or all year long.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father,
and the Lord Jesus Christ.
– Philippians 1:2

A Perspective-Giving Question for Your New Year – Jesus asks His disciples a penetrating question related to discipleship and following Him. I take the implications of this question and apply it to every day living.

How to Become a Person After God’s Own Heart – David was the man after God’s own heart; however, he was a very imperfect reflection of the Son of David, Jesus. Yet, God gave him high praise for his heart. Is it possible that although we are imperfect, we can still be people after God’s own heart?

Social Media in the New Year – This is a three-question standard that you can use for all your social media use. It is so easy to post something only to realize it was unwise, unhelpful, or plain sin. This post will give you some ways to evaluate your posts for this year.

Boeing 747 retirement: farewell to the ‘Queen of the skies’ – After years and years, millions of miles, and many happy flyers, the final passenger-carrying Boeing 747 was retired this week. This is an interesting article to fill in all the details. If you like to fly, this will be a fun article for you.

Wonders of Wildlife wins Best New Attraction in USA TODAY online poll – Congratulations to Springfield’s and Johnny Morris’ new attraction Wonders of Wildlife for winning the Best New Attraction for 2017 in the USA Today online poll. All the details are in this article from a local perspective. This is the original article about the poll.

Five years later, Colorado sees toll of pot legalization – Ever wondered about the efficacy of pot legalization? Here is an opinion piece from earlier this fall on the state of Colorado. It is very interesting to read…especially for those states where there is movement in this direction.

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