Today Kelly and I start a 10-day trip to Israel to see the Holy Land. We are grateful for the time to observe, learn, experience, and study the Bible lands.

Would you pray for us? We covet your prayers.

  • Please pray that we will be enriched spiritually most of all. We can’t begin to imagine seeing the sights, walking where Jesus walked, and experiencing the people. Our prayer is that we come home changed spiritually. We do not just want to sight-see, we desire to be enriched along the way. This is a “bucket list” trip and we are grateful for the group who invited us to attend with them.
  • We are grateful as well to be traveling together. We will miss our children no doubt; however, this is a rare opportunity for the two of us to enjoy each other’s company too without kiddos.
  • With all the viruses and flu going around, please pray that we will stay healthy over the next 10 days.
  • Please pray for our own safety. Everything seems calm right now in Israel so we are not scared or overly concerned…but it is the Middle East.
  • Please also pray for our children. We are grateful for my parents who have traveled over from Kentucky to stay with them. We are praying for their safety while we are gone and for Korbin’s heart. He tends to struggle when mom is gone.

Thank you friends for the prayer.

As time allows, I will share some of my journal thoughts here too.

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